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Mayweather Huge Favorite Over McGregor

Many people think of it as a joke. But the betting limits on the Aug. 26 fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are no laughing matter. Many online sportsbooks are already letting people bet $1000. Some are holding it at $500 now and raise it as the fight gets closer.

In order to win much on Mayweather you’ll have to bet quite a bit. He’s -1000 at Bookmaker.eu and -950 at BetOnline.

Odds range from -795 to -1100 and it’s no surprise that a number of the early bets have come in on McGregor. Not many people are in a hurry to lay 10-to-1 odds on anything. Especially a fight that is full of so many unknowns.

Mayweather certainly doesn’t need the money. McGregor’s not exactly hurting for it himself. But he’s not in the class of Mayweather in the financial department. Mayweather will probably earn close to $100 million for the fight. McGregor can make more than half that if PPV targets are met. There is an agreement between the two not to release all financial publicly. Nevada State Athletic Commission law says there must a preliminary disclosure of the purse before the fight. Although that is just a preliminary amount and won’t include all of the details.

Odds have been posted for quite a while. But they were taken down when it didn’t appear as though the two would actually go through with the bout. But now that it’s signed at set, they’ve all come back on what should draw some decent action.

While most of the bets are coming in on McGregor, the wise guys will be on Mayweather, as is usually the case. Casual bettors don’t like to lay the type of odds they will have to in this case.

While you may like the fight or hate it, there’s no denying that it’s going to be a huge event.

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