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Message of Hope From Roger Goodell In Virtual NFL Draft

History was made on Thursday night as the NFL held its first-ever virtual draft hosted by commissioner Roger Goodell.

The build up to the draft was characterized by trepidation. The NFL Draft is already a high-stakes game where anything can happen. Now, teams were at the whims of technology and one error could have huge ramifications.

However, the first night of the virtual draft ran smoothly from Roger Goodell’s basement. 

After announcing Joe Burrow to the Bengals as the No.1 pick, he said that the draft “restores hope and generates optimism.”


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“This is different for us and it’s different for you, because it has to be,” Roger Goodell said.

“We will get through this together. And when we do, we will be here for you.”

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the role of sport in the United States has been elevated in its absence. Most agree that we miss sports, and that the country needs sports.

It is for this reason which Goodell thinks that holding a successful draft is vital for the national morale.

“I think it really is important,” Roger Goodell told ESPN.

“… After weeks of dealing with this difficult virus and the unprecedented crisis that it’s brought on, and we see how our health care workers and first responders are just doing heroic things, I think we all need something to look forward to. We need something to come together.”


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As well as Joe Burrow joining the Bengals, there was another big move at quarterback. The Miami Dolphins drafted Alabama prospect Tua Tagovaila with the 5th overall pick. Both players could potentially become their team’s franchise quarterback for years to come. If they do, they will be remembered for being the NFL’s virtual draftees. 

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