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MLB Monday: Games to Watch

Spring is in full swing and baseball is in the air.  Today offers up a ton of baseball games.  Let’s pick out the marquee games from today and give a brief preview of each.

Oakland Athletics @ Boston Red Sox

Last season the Oakland Athletics was the team that sneaked up on us toward the last half of the season.  This season the A’s have gotten off to a great start and have a winning record as well as one of the best records in the MLB.  Tonight they will kick off a series with the Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox also have one of the best records in the MLB.  However, the Red Sox are 7-2 on the road and are 5-4 when playing at home.  The Red Sox need to retake Fenway as their field and a good time to start would be this game.

Both teams are coming off disappoting losses.  The A’s suffered a surprise blowout against Tampa Bay 8-1 while the Red Sox dropped their last game to Kansas City by a run.

Bovada has the Red Sox are the slight favorite with a money line of -122.  The money line for the A’s is at +102.

Chicago Cubs @ Cincinnati Reds

Despite the Chicago Cubs being consistently bad year after year, any game with them in it is going to be considered Marquee due to their rabid fan base.

Is this going to finally be the Cubs year?

If their current 5-12 record is any indication it is not.  However, they have a lot of talent and when they take on their division rivals and current division leader a lot of eyes are going to be on this game.

The odds are surprisingly close in this game.  The money line for the Cubs is at +140.  The money line for the Reds is set at -160.

New York Yankees @ Tampa Bay Rays

The Yankees looked like they were going to start the season out on a poor note, however they have began to storm back and have fought their way back to a winning record.  The Yankees are looking to reclaim their comfortable spot atop the AL East from their long time rivals the Boston Red Sox.

Tampa Bay also seems to be getting hot coming off an 8-1 win against the A’s.  Tampa Bay is a team that has a ton of potential and are looking to get back into the green as far as their win-loss record goes, currently at 8-10.

This division could very well be the toughest division in the MLB this season so all the games from the AL East are going to be considered marquee games.

The money line to bet on the Yankees is even.  The money line for the Rays is set at -120.

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