MLB World Series Future Odds

We are well into baseball’s opening week so what better time to check out the odds for who is likely to take the World Series.  It is always risky to bet on future odds, especially this early.  Regardless, there is a lot of money to be made this early.  The future odds can also affect how you bet on individual games, so let’s take a look at those World Series odds.

Washington Nationals – 7/1

There are very few reasons not to be excited about the Washington Nationals.  Stephen Strasburg kicked off the nationals season by pitching them to a 2-0 shut out of the Miami Marlins.  Bryce Harper is an exciting young player who is only getting better.  It is becoming clear, in just two games, that the 2012 rookie of the year is likely to have a big year.

Will Harper’s potential big year translate to winning the big one?

7/1 odds say yes it will.

Detroit Tigers – 8/1

Detroit is kicking off the season at 1-1.  Not the best possible record, but you cannot completely judge a team on one loss.  Instead let’s focus on the positive things we learned from their one win-one loss against the Minnesota Twins.

The Tigers exhibited a lot of solid baseball in these two game.  They got hits when they needed to, showed a solid closing game and Justin Verlander wowed us on the Tigers opening day.  Their loss was also a close 3-4 game.

The Tigers currently have solid World Series odds, but you have to believe that division rivals the Chicago White Sox will again be giving the Tigers a lot of competition again this year for the right to sit atop the Central Division considering the Sox 2-0 start.

Los Angeles Angels – 17/2

The LA Angels are in a tough division.  With the pitching force of the Seattle Mariners, the hitting power of the Texas Rangers and the unpredictable Oakland Athletics  all in the division the Angels definitely face an up hill battle on their road to the World Series.

The Angels have an all around solid baseball team with few gaps in their game plan.  That is why they sit among the top three teams at taking the World Series in the opening odds.  While it may not be an easy road to the biggest series of games in sports, it is a road that the Angels are built to take.

Where are the San Francisco Giants?

Last year’s World Series winners sit at 12/1 odds of winning the World Series again this year.  The reason the Giants have fell in the odds is not because they lost any key players, in fact they kept 21 of 25 guys from last year’s roster.   The reason is because teams like the Angles and Tiger made a lot of noise during the offseason adjusting their rosters.  The Giants remained silent.  They are taking the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality heading into this year.  Whether or not they can win a historic three World Series in four years depends on just how much better the other contender got during the offseason compared to the Giants World Series caliber roster.


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