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Royals Tie Up the Series Wednesday Night

The Kansas City Royals were able to make some key changes to come back and beat the San Francisco Giants 7-2 on Wednesday. The series is now tied one game apiece. The Giants were on a seven game win streak in the World Series so far but the Royals were able to bring that to an end. The Giants seven game win streak was tied for the sixth-longest streak in World Series history.

In the sixth inning, the Royals were able to bring in five runs. Billy Butler broke the 2-2 tie and batted in an RBI single and Salvador Perez and Omar Infante followed with the team’s fourth and fifth extra-base hits. Peavy allowed five hits to the first 10 batters he faced, including three doubles.

Gregor Blanco began the game with a homer, the tenth lead off homer in World Series history. He joins several other players who have accomplished this feat such as Lou Brock (1968), Pete Rose (1972), Rickey Henderson (1989) and Derek Jeter (2000).

Hunter Pence also set out to make history by extending his postseason streak of reaching a base safely in 15 consecutive games. This accomplishment dates back to game 2 of the 2012 World Series against Detroit.

The Giants could have come back in the sixth inning when Michael Morse hit it straight to shortstop, Escobar. Escobar made a double play, getting out the runner on second and first, for an inning-ending play. Had Morse been able to get on first, the Giants would’ve had the bases loaded with only one out.

The Giants are at home for games 3, 4, 5 which can definitely help them get back on track in proving their dynasty. Going into game 3, there are still a lot of changes that can be made on both sides for the teams to have their best chance at taking the lead in the series.


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