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The Best Teams In The MLB At The Mid-Point

We are now in the full midst of the MLB All-Star Break, which marks the mid-point of the season.  Now is the time when bettors can make serious educated analysis of teams going forward.

We have some clear contenders beginning to make themselves visible and what better place to start than the team with the best winning percentage in all of the MLB.

The Oakland Athletics have a .621 winning percentage. They are one of two teams to break the .600 wining percentage mark before the break.

The A’s stumbled a bit heading into the break. They lost a series to the Mariners, which put them at 4-3 on the week.

However, their 145 run differential is the best in the MLB. In fact, no other team comes close.

The next closest team, with an 89 run differential, and the only other team to hit over .600 before the break is the Los Angeles Angels.

The Angels came barreling into the halfway point, going 6-1 last week, which puts them only 1.5 games behind the Athletics.

For the last two preseasons sports analysts have predicted that the Angels would be the best team in baseball. However, it wasn’t until this season that everything is coming together of the Angels.

They are having great seasons from Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton. The real difference maker, though, is Mike Trout. Trout is currently having an AL MVP season and he may be the Angels ticket into the World Series.

Another team that has been consistently good for some years now are show no sign of slowing down, as the Detroit Tigers have a 6.5 division lead.

While, they sit behind the Angles and Athletics in the overall standings, do not count Detroit out as they keep pulling surprises out of their hats, like J.D. Martinez.

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