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2013 NBA Futures Dark Horses

After getting more than halfway through the NBA regular season, most fans by now know who the favorites are to win this year’s NBA title. The Heat have certainly demonstrated they are the best in the East and the Clippers, Thunder and Spurs have proven time and time again that they are more than capable of taking the 2013 championship home. However, as we all know, there are always teams who appear late, coming out of the woodwork to contend for a title. the question is: Who are those teams going to be? Well, we have a few good dark horse picks for you concerning the 2013 NBA championship, so take notice and place your futures wagers before one of these teams snatches the title right from under your nose.

Indiana Pacers – 30/1

The Pacers have quietly put together a fantastic season so far, and are sitting in third place in the Eastern Conference as of Feb. 5. Bettors are getting a fantastic value on the Pacers at 30/1 despite being a big underdog to the the Knicks and the Heat. However,if  you look at their record and you will find that they are only a few games back of the East’s best teams and could really do some damage come playoff time. Remember how few bettors took the Ravens to win the Super Bowl before the postseason started. Well, the same could happen here. It’s a great value and a good, young team, so take the Pacers at 30/1.

Brooklyn Nets – 33/1

For many the Nets have had a surprise season, but their success in 2012-2013 makes a whole lot of sense considering their key acquisitions. With Deron Williams at the point and with Brook Lopez having another stellar season, the Nets are currently in fifth place in the jumbled East, only four games back of first place. This is a team that has proven it can hang with the big boys after beating the Knicks twice already this season. They got a lot of press for be the new kids on the block, but not a lot of folks have talked about them much since. They should. The Nets are for real and if top contenders like the Heat and Knicks underestimate them, the Nets could rise up and make some serious noise come playoff time.

Denver Nuggets – 40/1

Sure, the Nuggets have been streaky, but they are a team that can beat anybody when they are on and if the get hot at the right moment, they could cause some serious chaos for the big teams of West. The Western Conference is stacked with talented scoring teams, but the Nuggets are one of them, putting up 104 points per game – 4th best in the league. Not only do they have quality outside shooters, but they are beat teams up on the glass, as Denver is currently ranked 2nd in rebounding. The only thing going against Denver come playoff time is that it will likely have to go on the road, where it has struggled with just a 10-15 record this season. Still, the Nuggets are a strong dark horse pick because they certainly have a decent shot to make a run and at 40/1 you are getting more than your money’s worth with this type of value. Don’t shy away from taking the Nuggets to go all the way. You have a little to lose, but a lot to gain.

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