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Clippers will host NBA All-Star Game in 2026 at Intuit Dome

The NBA announced that the 2026 All-Star Game will be held in the LA Clippers’ new arena.

“I was giddy when I heard it was possible and even giddier when the NBA said we were getting it,” said Clippers owner Steve Ballmer via ESPN.

The Clippers are expected to move into their new NBA home, the Intuit Dome, located in Inglewood by June and open the location in August.


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Commissioner Adam Silver took a tour of the new arena, which left him impressed.

“I’ve seen pretty much every major arena in the world at this point, 32 years in the NBA,” Silver said. “And this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It starts with the fact that Steve Ballmer chose to build a basketball-centric arena … He wanted to build this arena to make basketball the centerpiece. On top of that, of course, he ran Microsoft. He’s one of the world’s great technologists, and he brought all that learning [to this arena]. He also is someone who, at this point in his life, had the time to personally imprint his vision on this building.”


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The Clippers moved into Staples Center alongside the Los Angeles Lakers in 1999. Since Ballmer took over ownership, he pushed to find a new home for the franchise.

The Intuit Dome will feature 17,770 seats, 120 restrooms, and the largest-ever “Halo Board” that is nearly a full acre in size.

The Clippers will host the entire All-Star weekend at their new arena. Meanwhile other related events will take place at Kia Forum and Los Angeles Convention Center.

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