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    Mexico City to Get NBA G League Team

    By Connor Lynch

    The NBA is set to establish a G league franchise in Mexico City, according to reports. The G league serves as the official minor league to the NBA. The team would be owned and operated locally, and would act as a test case for further NBA expansion into Latin America.

    Commissioner Adam Silver spoke ahead of the first of the Brooklyn Net’s fixtures in the Mexico City Arena this week.

    “Mexico is a flourishing basketball market with growing fan interest and increased youth participation. We are actively engaged in discussions to establish an N.B.A. G League franchise in Mexico City.”

    No specific timeline is set, though it would be a logical step for the NBA. The NFL and MLB have played regular season games abroad. Will the NBA be the first league to set up a competitive American franchise outside of the U.S and Canada?

    The G league team could start playing as soon as next season, and Silver has previously hinted at Mexico City’s viability for an NBA franchise.


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    “We have a preference for coming to Mexico City. Because as we look down the road, frankly to see whether there would be an opportunity to even dream about putting an NBA franchise here in Mexico City, we believe it makes sense as a first step to have a development league team here and to work out some of the issues to better understand what it would mean to have a team in Mexico.”

    The move would also take the NBA closer towards it’s “30 for 30 goal”. The goal calls for every NBA franchise to have a direct minor league affiliate. Next season, 27 NBA teams will own teams in the developmental league.

    Also announced were plans to open an NBA academy in Mexico City. The league already has six academies worldwide, in China, Australia, India and Senegal.