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Adam Muema Left Combine, Cited God’s Will

On Sunday former San Diego State running back Adam Muema left the NFL Scouting Combine for the most divine of reasons. According to a UT San Diego report, the hand of God himself opened the exit door for Muema.

Although he competed with the running backs during afternoon drills at Lucas Oil Stadium, Muema left prior to working out, opting instead to return to his hometown of Covina, California. He will have the opportunity to work out for scouts at San Diego State’s pro day in March.

Muema was apparently “following God” when he decided to leave the combine, “who told him if he missed workouts, he’d play for the Seattle Seahawks.” Apparently playing for the reigning Super Bowl champs is his dream—no word on how long it’s been his dream.

Probably since sometime in late January/early February.

On his religious background:

“His deep religious convictions are no secret to those close to him. The beliefs are evident on social media, where he often quotes scripture on his Twitter account. His Facebook and Instagram accounts include several links to a person titled ‘Lord Ray-el,’ who claims online to be the second coming of Christ.”

Well…that all checks out.

After making the strange decision to leave the combine, Muema spoke with reporters while waiting for his flight at the Indianapolis International Airport. Said Muema, “[God] told me to sit down, be quiet, and enjoy the peace.”

Apparently God communicates with through numbers. Wonder what message the big man is trying to send him by the fact that he’s a seventh round pick at best.

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