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Florida State and Miami Rivalry Renewed

Very few rivalries in college football are bigger then the Florida State Seminoles and the Miami Hurricanes. So many times these games have come down to the last minute or even the last play. How many “Wide Rights” are we up to now? And there’s even a “Wide Left” in there too. For there to be that many games that came down to a last second field goal try, there had to be that many evenly played games. Every game but one since 1002 has been settled by eight points or fewer. Tow of those games were three point games and two others were two point games.  Here is a look back of some of the great FSU-Miami games:

1987– Both teams come into the game ranked in the Top 4. The Noles jump out to a 19-3 lead and it looks like coach Bobby Bowden will be set up to play for the national championship. But the Hurricanes rally to take a 26-19 lead. FSU scores a late TD and could tie the game with the extra point. But Bowden elects to go for two and win the game (there was no overtime in those days). The Canes held and won 26-25. Miami won the national championship.

1991– This is the first “Wide Right” game. FSU was #1 and Miami was #2. FSU kicker Gerry Thomas misses a field goal wide to the right in the final seconds. He had hit three earlier in the game but missed this one so close that Bowden and the Noles thought it was good and were celebrating on the sidelines until the refs gave the “no good” signal.Miami went on to win another national championship.

1992– To add insult to injury, Dan Mowrey missed a field goal to the right in “Wide Right II” the following year in the last seconds. Miami won 19-16 and played for another national championship in the Sugar Bowl.

2000– “Wide Right III” happened when FSU kicker Matt Munyon missed a field goal wide to the right in the waning seconds to preserve a 27-24 Miami win. FSU still played for the BCS national championship even though Miami and FSU both ended the season with only one loss. This was one of the many times the BCS has been criticized about the championship game match-up.

2002– “Wide Left” happened to FSU. Xavier Beitia joined the ranks of FSU kickers to miss a chance to beat or tie Miami in the final seconds. Just to be different, he mised to the left. Perhaps he was so conscious not to miss it ‘Wide Right” he over-compensated?

2004– “Wide Right IV” (Okay, this is getting ridiculous). Beitia missed a field goal wide to the right with about five minutes left that would have given FSU the lead. OK, this wasn’t quite the drama of the other “Wide Right/Left” games, but it is amazing how many more games (and championships) Bowden would have had if not for his kickers.

This year, the Seminoles are heavily favored. BetOnline is -21 -110 or -1200. Miami is +21 -110 or +850. 21 points is a lot in a rivalry game like this one. We like the Canes + 21.

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