Hot Seat Alert: Will Muschamp Needs Some Asbestos Underwear

By James F.
Will Muschamp
Will Muschamp is on the hot seat

The Florida Gators head coaching job is about to open up again. The Will Muschamp era is about to be over in Gainesville. “But wait, didn’t he go 11-1 just a year ago” you say? Yes he did. But that won’t save his job at UF.

There are certain jobs that when you take them, you know you have to win every year or you will be shown the door. Right Lane Kiffin? Florida is one of those jobs. You cannot go 6-6 and keep the Florida job. These fans will not allow it. They especially will not allow a coach to stay that also cannot beat the hated Georgia Bulldogs even in his 11 win season. Muschamp may as well start looking around for teams who may need a defensive backs coach next year because that will be his job.

Is this fair? After all, the Gators have been decimated by injuries this year. Maybe it isn’t fair, but it is reality. Fans at big time college powerhouse programs like Florida are not interested in excuses. And to be honest, that really is no excuse. If your players keep getting hurt, especially in practice, then is that not something the coaching staff needs to take responsibility for? Either your practices are too physical or your strength and conditioning program is not getting it down. Your quarterback suffers a season ending knee injury because your line can’t block.

In the game against the Bulldogs, Florida had two weeks to get ready for it and was outscored 17-0 in the first quarter. That’s on the coaching staff. You held them to six points over the final three quarters and couldn’t win the game. That’s on the coaching staff. Georgia gave UF every opportunity in the world to win this game. Mark Richt had a complete brain cramp by going for it on fourth down in his own territory up three points. This play should have gone down as “Fourth and Dumb II”. But Florida turned it into “Fourth and Dumb and Dumber” when Neiron Ball got flagged 15 yards for taking his helmet off. The Gators had all the momentum and were practically already in field goal range. That is on the coaching staff.

Had Gator players just not engaged in answering back on Georgia’s many personal fouls and unsportsmanlike penalties, they win this game easily. That’s on the coaching staff. Florida had the ball in UGA territory and was getting close to field goal range and had a false start followed by an illegal formation that wiped out a first down pick up deep into Georgia territory. That is on the coaching staff.

In the first quarter, Florida has an 82 yard completion and gets no points out of it because of a stupid penalty that backed the kicker up 15 yards. That is on the coaching staff. Florida has no business losing to Georgia. They especially have no business losing to them three straight years. The last three losses have been by a combined 11 points. The last time a Georgia team beat a Florida team by more than two scores was in 1997. Since then Florida has beaten Georgia 38-7 in 1998, 49-10 in 2008 and 41-17 in 2009. In the seasons prior to 1997, the Gators won 38-7 in 1990, 45-13 in 1991, 52-14 in 1994, 52-17 in 1995 and 47-7 in 1996. This proves that if Florida is on top of their game, they crush UGA. UGA squeaks games out when they are on top of their game. This series goes according to Florida’s coaching. If they have a Florida-worthy coach, UGA has little chance. It is obvious that Muschamp does not qualify.

So we know that at least two huge coaching jobs will be open at season’s end. USC and Florida will be two very attractive jobs that could lure a very good coach. So you people at Baylor, Houston, Vanderbilt, or maybe even Auburn, or who knows? Nobody is really off limits to these programs. So you better watch out. Your time at the top may not last too long.