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NCAA Football Over/Unders on Oddsmaker

College football is now just over one month away. We can hardly wait. This is the time of year we all turn on the sports radio shows to hear the latest college football news of the day. We want to know which players are standing out in the early practice sessions and who is going to emerge as the next star on our favorite team. We also listen out for news on the opponents. We are all eagerly anticipating the season and want to know how many wins we can realistically expect this year. Oddsmaker has over/under numbers on each college football team. This is a great place to start because after all, they are doing some serious research to come up with these numbers. Let’s see what some of these are:

Note: This is regualr season only and teams must play 12 games.

Alabama 11– Here we go again. If you are tired of watching Nick Saban and the Tide lift crystal footballs, we have bad news for you. But 11? One loss and you lose if you bet the over. Or at least you push. This is still the SEC right? We have to take the under on this one even though Bama losing twice in the regualr season does seem impossible.

Florida State 10.5– Are you kidding? 10-2 would be a fantastic year in Tallahassee. Don’t forget they have to travel to Florida and will have a new quarterback, possibly a freshman. We like the under.

Clemson 9.5– The Tigers have to play Georgia, FSU, South Carolina, and a bunch of unranked teams. So can they lose all three of the tough games on their schedule? That seems unlikely. However, if they go 1-2, watch out for teams like Syracuse, N.C State and Georgia Tech. We are going to go over because we are really liking them in the Georgia and FSU games.

LSU 8.5– That seems like low number for the Tigers. Even with their brutal schedule which includes Alabama, Texas A&M, Florida, Georgia and TCU, the Tigers going worse than 9-3 just doesn’t sound right. We like the over.

Ohio State 11– This is not just a testament to how good the Buckeyes and Braxton Miller are, but also how bad people think the Big Ten is. We think they may be surprised when they realize the conference is better than they think. Take the under.

Florida 8.5– Florida is a tough one to figure out. They looked great at times a year ago then awful at other times while winning 11 games. But we think they are still on the upswing so we like the over.

Oregon 10-5– Without Chip Kelly, it will be tough to think of the Ducks going 11-1. We will go with the under here.

Stanford 9.5– If the SEC is to fail to win the BCS National Championship for the first time since 2005, many believe Stanford is a team that could win it all. So how do we bet the under? We won’t. Take the over.

Louisville 10-5– Is there an athletic department doing better than the Cards these days? No. Does any of the top contenders have an easier schedule that the Cards this season? Absolutely not. Take the over.

Georgia 9.5 The Dawgs will be good on offense, but have to replace a lot on defense. We like the under. They have what may be the toughest schedule in the nation.

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