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Potential Week One Upsets in College Football

clemsonlsu-wrWeek One and Two of the college football season is chocked full of mismatches. But, being the first week of a new season, some teams might not be as good as projected while others might be better. This could mean an upset or two in the first week of the season. Let’s take a look at some we think might have a chance of happening:

North Carolina at South CarolinaSouth Carolina is a national title contender. But North Carolina has talent. They could keep this one close enough to pull it out at the end. Normally the Gamecocks offense struggles a bit in their openers. Last year they won a low scoring game against Vanderbilt.

Mississippi at Vanderbilt– Vandy starts the season ranked in the top 25. This is new territory for the Commodores. How will they handle it? Ole Miss is very talented and coming off a bowl win last season. They usually lose to Vandy but the games are always close. This one could very well happen.

Louisiana Lafayette at Arkansas– The Ragin Cajuns have had two pretty good seasons back-to-back. The Razorbacks had better be ready or we could see another game like they had with Louisiana Monroe a year ago.

Louisiana Monroe at Oklahoma– Don’t laugh. They did it to Arkansas last year. It ruined their season. They also nearly did it to Auburn and Baylor.

Virginia Tech vs Alabama– You just never know about Virginia Tech. This isn’t very likely to happen but week one would be the time for it.

Georgia vs Clemson– This would not be a shocker if Clemson won it. This is easily the biggest game of Week One with #5 going against #11. #11 Clemson has a real shot here.

Not sure if there are upsets but:

Northern Illinois over Iowa, Syracuse over Penn State, TCU over LSU, Louisiana Tech over N. C. State or Hawaii over USC would not surprise us one bit.


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