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New York Jets Planning Offensive Improvement For Next Year

Change is afoot at the New York Jets after another disappointing season which saw them lose seven of their last eight games.

Jets owner Woody Johnson avoided setting a winning ‘mandate’, but identified areas for improvement, particularly quarterback.

Offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur has already been let go after two seasons of finishing 25th and 26th in offense. 

Head coach Robert Saleh says Zach Wilson’s lack of improvement isn’t the sole reason for their poor offensive play.


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It sounds, at least, as if the New York Jets are seriously preparing for the possibility of going big on a quarterback.

“We’ve got a cap so there’s an amount you can spend,” Johnson said, per “But, yeah, yeah. That’s kind of the missing piece.

“No. I don’t do mandates,” Johnson continued.

“We’ve all had a long wait. 54 years since the last Super Bowl is too long. Way too long. I’d like to change that fast, but mandates don’t work.”

“We are going to be aggressive as heck when it comes to quarterback play and making sure that we do everything we can to satisfy that position,” Saleh said. “Do I want to be as arrogant to say I think this is plug and play where we’re going to get better? When you can run the ball, you’ve got special teams and you have a top-five defense, you’re supposed to be in the playoffs. I think that we’ll be able to continue on the trajectory that we had been going on.”


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“It’s not just one person. We’ve got to get our O-line fixed,” Saleh said. “We’ve got to get more consistency out of quarterback play. We’ve got to get better in terms of we’re young at receiver, so they’ll be a year older, it’ll get better. 

“It’s never one person, and I’ll stand by that. We were 14th in the NFL in scoring when Breece and AVT were on the field, and it just kinda disintegrated from there. But there’s a lot of promise with that group. We’ll get healthy, we’ll continue to add and really excited to see the direction that it can go.”

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