NFC Team Win Total Props


We’re still nearly two months away from the kickoff of the 2013 NFL season, but it’s never too early to look ahead and with the bevy of prop bets that are available nearly year-round, it’s also never too early to get in on the action.

One of the simplest and most basic props is the win total bet and we’ve got the over/unders for each NFL squad, courtesy of However, since there are so many teams to cover, we’ll just focus on the NFC for today. Check out these odds and our picks!

Arizona Cardinals – Over 5.5, Even/Under 5.5, -130

The Cards finished 5-11 last season and unfortunately they haven’t seemed to have fixed any of their major roster problems or filled any holes with big acquisitions. Considering they are also in football’s toughest division, their season outlook is not good. I’d go Under here.

Atlanta Falcons – Over 10, Even/Under 10, -130

The Falcons finished 13-3 a year ago and have all their big pieces returning. Even with a new starting running back, their ground game should be strong behind a solid offensive line. I’d go Over.

Carolina Panthers – Over 7, -135/Under 7, +105

After a disappointing start, the Panthers started to turn things around and they finished the season 7-9. I think some of that success will carry over into 2013. Will it be a banner year for the Panthers? Maybe not, but I think they can win Over 7 games.

Chicago Bears – Over 8.5, -130/Under 8.5, Even

The Bears benefited from a weak schedule and fooled most football fans as one of the more overrated teams last year. Their ultimate collapse toward the end of the year was not surprising and without Brian Urlacher, they won’t be the same. Go Under.

Dallas Cowboys – Over 8.5, -105/Under 8.5, -125

Once again, Dallas endured a mediocre regular season a year ago and with all the same pieces returning, I can’t imagine things will improve. Go Under.

Detroit Lions – Over 8, -105/Under 8, -125

As usual, Detroit severely underperformed last year, but going from four wins to more than eight would be a stretch. I’d stay Under.

Green Bay Packers – Over 10.5, -115/Under 10.5, -115

Green Bay isn’t a team that can realistically contend for a Super Bowl title, but they should be strong again and they should benefit from a weak division. Look for the Pack to win Over 10.5 games.

Minnesota Vikings – Over 7.5, -105/Under 7.5, -125

Minnesota shocked everyone last year by going 10-6 with no pass offense. As much as I love Adrian Peterson, I’m not sure if he can carry the entire team on his back on year again, so I’m going Under.

New Orleans Saints – Over 9, -145/Under 9, +115

Last year, the Saints proved that a lack of a defense will end up losing you games. They ranked dead last in rush defense and second-to-last in pass defense a year ago and I don’t see much improvement in their roster this year. Go Under.

New York Giants – Over 9, -115/Under 9, -115

The Giants are a hard team to figure out from year to year, but after a 9-7 season and coming into a fairly weak division, I think they can do better. Take the Over.

Philadelphia Eagles – Over 7.5, -105/Under 7.5, -125

With a new innovative coach and some new pieces, the Eagles will certainly improve upon their dismal 4-12 record from last year, but saying they’ll soar all the way to 8-8 or better is pushing it. I’d stay Under.

San Francisco 49ers – Over 11, -120/Under 11, -110

With everyone returning and with the addition of Anquan Boldin, there’s no reason to think the 49ers won’t be a powerhouse team again. Take the Over.

Seattle Seahawks – Over 10.5, -135/Under 10.5, +105

Same as above for the Hawks. They enjoyed a fantastic year last season, are still young and even added a key piece this offseason with Percy Harvin. Go Over.

St. Louis Rams – Over 7.5, -125/Under 7.5, -105

The Rams have plenty of talent, but are in the toughest division in the league. This is a borderline one, but I think they can finish 8-8 or slightly better. The NFC West is gonna be stacked. Go Over.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Over 7.5, -140/Under 7.5, +110

As the worst ranked pass defense from a year ago, the Bucs went out and made the biggest gap-filling acquisition of the offseason by picking up Darrelle Revis. With a young offensive core to add to the improvements, they should be much better in 2013. Go Over.

Washington Redskins – Over 8.5, +105/Under 8.5, -135

Everyone is excited for the Redskins’ prospects, but there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding Robert Griffin III’s health. And needless to say, if he doesn’t play, the Skins are not the same threat. I might hold out on this one until we see how he does during camp and the preseason, but if he’s healthy, go for the Over.

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