NFL Future Odds Update

The free agency in the NFL has been a wild ride.  With familiar faces like Brian Urlacher and Ed Reid leaving their traditional teams for other franchises and other various free agent gets, the odds have been shaking up quite a bit since the initial release of the future odds after the Super Bowl.  Which teams stand strong in the odds after the post season shake ups?  Let’s look at the three teams with the best Super Bowl odds.

San Francisco 49ers – 7/1

The San Francisco 49ers are the top team in the odds after coming up short against the Baltimore Ravens.  The 49ers haven’t made in big changes so far.  If it isn’t broke why fix it?  They do however need to fill a few positions in order to really become a near unstoppable team.  There is still time for them to pick up some free agents.  They will also likely trade up for higher draft pics and fill their voids on the defensive end of the ball (a rushing linebakcer and free safety).

Denver Broncos – 15/2

Let’s be honest.  Peyton Manning made this team last season.  Manning and his receivers hoisted them on his back and carried them to the playoffs.  What they lacked was a solid run game.  Willis McGahee may have the name recognition, but the veteran back is not getting any younger.  He also had a five fumble season.  They also need to get some talent on the defensive end of the ball most notable the need to replace Elvis Dumervil since losing him to the Ravens.  Regardless, the Broncos will only improve between now and the beginning of the season.  We also cannot forget that Wes Welker is now in a Broncos jersey, giving Manning a new consistent slot receiver.

New England Patriots – 15/2

Most would assume that the Patriots our on their way out of being the it team.  They lost Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd during the offseason and have replaced them with arguable lesser talents.  There are two reasons, though, that the Patriots are still major contenders to win the Super Bowl.  Those two reasons are Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Where are the defending champs?

The Ravens odds after losing so much defensive talent in the offseason have dropped significantly since future odds opened.  They now have 16/1 odds of winning it all again next year.  The Ravens defied odds last year, but with their defense dwindling throughout the offseason, things simply do not look good for the defending champs.

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