NFL Week 6 Special & Future Odds

Ahead of Week 6, starting tonight with Thursday Night Football with the Houston Texans Taking on the Indianapolis Colts, it is important to know what you can bet on.  Below is an update on the special and future odds for Week 6.

Odds to win the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX

A lot has changed since future betting opened up in the preseason. What has remained the same is that both the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos top the list as the teams with the best odds of winning Super Bowl XLIX.

The biggest shifts this week see both the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots reclaim spots near the top of the list after plummeting early in the season due to slow starts. It seems one good week is all it takes for the bookmakers to get excited about teams helmed by big name quarterbacks.

The San Francisco 49ers continued their trend of dropping down the list. The San Diego Chargers now have better odds than they do at winning the Super Bowl.

Check out the full list below:

Seattle Seahawks 4/1

Denver Broncos 17/4

Green Bay Packers 10/1

New England Patriots 10/1

San Diego Chargers 10/1

Cincinnati Bengals 12/1

San Francisco 49ers 12/1

Indianapolis Colts 18/1

Philadelphia Eagles 18/1

New Orleans Saints 25/1

Dallas Cowboys 28/1

Arizona Cardinals 33/1

New York Giants 33/1

Baltimore Ravens 40/1

Detroit Lions 40/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 40/1

Carolina Panthers 50/1

Atlanta Falcons 66/1

Chicago Bears 66/1

Buffalo Bills 75/1

Houston Texans 75/1

Kansas City Chiefs 75/1

Miami Dolphins 75/1

Cleveland Browns 100/1

Minnesota Vikings 200/1

Washington Redskins 300/1

New York Jets 500/1

St. Louis Rams 500/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 500/1

Oakland Raiders 1000/1

Tennessee Titans 1000/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 2500/1

-Courtesy of Bovada

Rushing Totals

Rushing totals seems to be a point of interest for bookmakers this week with a lot of special player prop betting opportunities being posted. The focus is on a race between Andre Williams of the New York Giants, Brandon Oliver of the Chargers and Ronnie Hillman of Denver.

WEEK 6 SPECIAL – Total Rushing Yards Week 6 – Andre Williams (NYG)

Over 75½ (-115)

Under 75½ (-115)

WEEK 6 SPECIAL – Total Rushing Yards Week 6 – Brandon Oliver (SD)

Over 70½ (-115)

Under 70½ (-115)

WEEK 6 SPECIAL – Total Rushing Yards Week 6 – Ronnie Hillman (DEN)

Over 55½ (-115)

Under 55½ (-115)

WEEK 6 SPECIAL – Who will record more Rushing Yards Week 6?

Andre Williams (NYG) RB 1/1

Brandon Oliver (SD) RB 1/1

Ronnie Hillman (DEN) RB 5/1

Other player props can be found here.

Interesting Lines

There are some other interesting lines to keep an eye posted this week. The weekly Johnny Manziel bet as to when he is going to start has seen him become an underdog for getting the ball anytime soon, likely because of the performance and the Cleveland Browns’ staff being very public with their support of Brian Hoyer.

Another quarterback getting a lot of attention, and rightfully so, in special props betting is Peyton Manning. You can now bet on when, not if, Manning will break Brett Favre’s 508 touchdown pass record. Check out the odds for that below:

WEEK 6 SPECIAL – When will Peyton Manning break Brett Favre’s record of 508 career TD Passes?

Week 6 vs the Jets 12/1

Week 7 1st Half vs 49ers 5/2

Week 7 2nd Half vs 49ers 9/5

Week 8 1st Half vs Chargers 5/2

Week 8 2nd Half vs Chargers 5/1

Week 9 or after 10/1

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