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NFL: Which 4-0 Team Is The Best

As we prepare to head into Week 5 of NFL football, there are five undefeated teams in the NFL.  It is still early, but these undefeated teams have undoubtedly began to leave their mark and with each passing week manage to convince us that they may be the best in football.  However, there can be only one best.  Being a sports betting site, we are going to put the most weight on the future odds as to who is going to the Super Bowl and are going to use Bovada as our go-to guide to decide who is the best 4-0 team in football.

5.  Kansas City Chiefs 25/1

The Kansas City Chiefs are like Rodney Dangerfield, they get no respect from the sports books or sport analysts.  They have teams with worse records ahead of them in the odds.  There are two primary reasons for that.  First, is this is the most inexperienced squad, in terms of playing together, among the five undefeated teams.  They have a new coach in Andy Reid and a new quarterback, Alex Smith.

The second is they have had a pretty easy schedule thus far.  They have yet to take on a team with a winning percentage over .500 and we can all pretend the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys are legit threats all we want but they have yet to really prove it.  The Chiefs time on top will likely last for a few more weeks as they take on a hobbled Tennessee Titans squad, who will be without breakout quarterback Jake Locker.  After that they have the likes of the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns to take on.  However, Week 10 and beyond they are looking at tough games against the Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers.  That is when we will truly find out if they are a legit playoff contenders.

4. New England Patriots 9/1

Regardless of the odds, I almost put the New England Patriots in the number five spot on this list.  They have a 4-0 record, but it is the ugliest 4-0 record in the entire NFL.  Not counting their blowout victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Pats have won by a combined 13 points in three of their last four games.   That does not look like the Tom Brady led offense we used to know.

The Patriots have struggled against the likes of the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns.  Brady has been visibly frustrated with his young wide receivers during games.  The only decent team they have played this season is the Atlanta Falcons who they were barely able to edge out.  Their stats are not terrible, but they are average, which is something the Brady-led Pats have never been.

It is hard to advise someone to bet against the historically successful Brady-Bill Belichick led team.  However, it is at least time to start considering it.

3.  New Orleans Saints 9/1

The New Orleans Saints had a rough time last year, failing to make a playoff run.  However, considering the playmakers on this team, not many were going to count them out despite their woes last season.

The Saints have one of the best offenses in the NFL, there are not many detractors who would be willing to argue with that statement considering Drew Brees, Darren Sproles, and Jimmy Graham work together like a well-oiled machine.  It was their defense last year that lost them games.  However, under defensive coordinator Rob Ryan the Saints defense has been explosive this season, garnering a total of 10 turnovers, which is good enough for the seventh best in the NFL, and 12 sacks.  The Saints are now a solid all-around team and will likely make a deep playoff run.

2.  Seattle Seahawks 9/2

The Seattle Seahawks are a phenomenal team.  They have an incredible run game, including the speed ability of quarterback Russell Wilson, their defense only allows an average of 12 points a game and Wilson can also throw the ball and extends plays with his legs better than any other QB in the NFL.

The Seahawks are the real deal and have proven it already in this young season.  Once with a hard fought win against a very good Houston Texans squad and again when they dominated the San Francisco 49ers, 29-3.

1.  Denver Broncos 5/2

Was there any doubt?

With the way thins are currently going, it seems the Denver Broncos are Super Bowl bound.  Their stats are outrageous.  They are averaging roughly 45 points a game.  The special odds are in favor of Manning throwing over 55 touchdowns this season, which he will make as long as he does not sit out of games too early.  Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Wes Welker all three seem to be on their way to being 1,000 yard receivers this season.

Combine all those number with the fact that the only threats on the Broncos schedule for the rest of the season are the New England Patriots, Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans and it seems that the Broncos may enter the playoffs with the best record in the NFL and may even go undefeated.

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