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Bears QB Justin Fields concerned about late hits he’s taken

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields has moved through his second NFL campaign battered and bruised up from his playing style.

Fields will head into Week 16 action a bit more banged up after Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh wasn’t flagged for a hit to the helmet during last Sunday’s game.

The Ohio State product recently aired his frustration with the lack of calls from referees.

“It’s been too many times I’ve slid and been hit too late and I don’t get the flags,” Fields said. “I’m going to be on the refs, looking for a call. When I think it’s a flag I’m going to ask the ref. On Sunday he said he didn’t think it was a foul. I’m just going to be begging for those calls and hope that I get one in the near future. I felt like I was down and then I felt a 300-pound guy.”

Fields’ playing style includes running the ball often puts him in harm’s way to receive illegal hits that won’t always be penalized. He will continue to run into instances where referees miss calls, which is something that former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton would experience quite often.

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Fields’ comments will bring more attention to the officials regarding how he is tackled, but there likely won’t be a seismic shift toward penalties called. It’s a constant issue that he will likely deal with for the rest of his career.

The Bears hold a difficult challenge ahead in Week 16 against the Buffalo Bills.
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