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Broncos GM John Elway maintains no one is on the trading block

The Denver Broncos have gotten off to a rough start to the 2019 season, dropping four out of their first five contests.

It has thrust upon them trade rumors involving several of their key players such as Von Miller, Emmanuel Sanders, and Chris Harris. However, general manager John Elway has voiced that there are no plans to move any of their key players at this point, according to ESPN.

“You guys bring all those names up. I have not brought any names up,” Elway said Friday to reporters at an event outside Denver’s stadium honoring Hall of Fame inductees Champ Bailey and Pat Bowlen, along with some of the team’s all-time top 100 players, which included Elway and Manning.

“We’re trying to win football games,” Elway said. “So, no one from our side is on the trading block. We’re going to try to continue to win football games.”

The Broncos may have stumbled to start the season, but have a couple of tough losses that could have gone the other way. They dropped two games to the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears by a combined four points.

It’s a situation where Denver still has time to turn things around if they can finish out games strong. That said, the trade deadline is just over two weeks away on Oct. 29, which should give them plenty of time to assess the future of the team further.

In the meantime, the Broncos are still aiming to make a strong push towards the playoffs.

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