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Cardiac Cards, 49ers Shaping Up to Be a Great Race

The Arizona Cardinals are 4-0. Who saw that coming? Nobody. The San Francisco 49ers are 3-1. Who saw that coming? Everybody. But who would have seen them losing to the Minnesota Vikings? Certainly not me. Who saw the Rams and Seahawks at 2-2? Not too many of us.

In the pre-season, many (including us) thought the 49ers had the easiest division in football. But so far, her’s what has happened in the NFC West:

The Niners beat the Green Bay Packers in week one. Okay not shocking, but considering it was at Green Bay, a bit surprising.

The Seahawks crush the Dallas Cowboys in week two. Okay, that was shocking right after Dallas beat the New York Giants on the road in the opener. Also, the Cards beat the New England Patriots on the road in week two. They were 14 point underdogs. The Rams beat the Washington Redskins, and the Rams beating anybody is a surprise.

In week three, the Cards did it again by whipping the unbeaten Philadelphia Eagles. And then there was the Seahawks getting the gift against the Packers on the Monday Night Football game. But to be in a position to win on a blown call, you have to hang with a tough Packers team for 60 minutes, right?

So now we are five weeks into the season. Maybe it’s time to re-think the division? Maybe the Arizona Cardinals really are good. Maybe the Seahawks and Rams aren’t terrible either?

This week on NFL Network’s Thursday Night game, the Cardinals will face the Rams in St.Louis. Betonline has the Cardinals -1 -110 or -115. The Rams are +1 -110 or -105. Over/under is 39.5. We like the Cardinals -1 in this game. They have won three nail biters, but they did win them. And since they’re only giving up one point, that’s all they need to do again. Until somebody beats them, we say to stick with them.

The Seahawks are at the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers have had a rough stretch of games, but nearly pulled off an upset a week ago against the Atlanta Falcons on the road. Seattle is coming off a tough loss to the Rams. Seattle is +3 -110 or +140. Carolina is -3 -110 or -160. Over under is 43.5. We like Seattle straight up at +140. Seattle wins games you think they shouldn’t. This is one of those games.

The Buffalo Bills are at the 49ers this week. The Bills defense got gashed by the Patriots a week ago. How bad is the Bills defense? The New York Jets scored 48 on them. San Francisco is going to be in the end zone frequently. The Bills are +9 -110 or +345. The Niners are -9 -110 or -415. Over/under is 44.5. Bet the Over. Bet it large. San Francisco might break the over by themselves. Also take the Niners -9.

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