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Cowboys QB Dak Prescott ‘confident’ new contract will get done

The Dallas Cowboys have been working a contract extension with star quarterback Dak Prescott for quite some time. Before the 2019 NFL season, it seemed like a deal could happen at any time, but it never did over the course of the regular season and he still doesn’t have a new deal heading into Super Bowl 54.

Although the Cowboys haven’t really made much progress on a new deal with their star gunslinger, Prescott remains confident that he ultimately get the new deal he wants, via ESPN.

“I’m confident a new contract is coming. I’m confident in my agent and my team and I’m confident in the Cowboys that something will get done,” he said in the interview with ESPN’s Sage Steele, when asked how close he was to agreeing to a new contract.

Along with Prescott, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is anxious to get a new deal done with the rising star. Jones talked about the contract talks and his urgency to get it done.

“It’s been urgent for us,” Jones said, according to USA Today Sports. “We want to certainly get that done. Get his contract, find some resolution to it and get it done.”

With Prescott confident and Jones seemingly not wanting to wait any longer, the Cowboys star could be a very rich man sooner rather than later. It doesn’t likely it’ll happen until after the Super Bowl as Dallas probably won’t want to overshadow the big game nor make a spectacle of Prescott’s deal.

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