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DeAndre Hopkins reacts to Patrick Mahomes’ massive contract

Earlier this offseason, the Houston Texans made the surprising move to trade star wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, to the Arizona Cardinals.

Much of that came about after not seeing eye-to-eye about a potential contract extension. It appears that Hopkins hasn’t let go of those strong feelings as he took to Twitter to send a subtle shot at the Texans after Patrick Mahomes secured his record-breaking deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. (H/T Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk)


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“24 reasons why Mahomes deserves that. 0 Doubts he will win more Super Bowls,” Hopkins wrote.

It’s a reference back to the Texans blowing a 24-0 lead to the Chiefs in the playoffs’ divisional round last season. Hopkins likely couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a verbal jab at his former team that likely directly at head coach Bill O’Brien.


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In the time that has passed since his departure, O’Brien made it clear that the Texans would not give him an extension with two years left in his deal. That led to Hopkins surprisingly being shipped to the Cardinals earlier this offseason, where he can be a significant piece of their long-term future.

Meanwhile, the Texans have moved on from their No. 1 wide receiver. Hopkins has been among the best in the league over the last several seasons. The 2020 season is an opportunity for him to prove that Houston made the mistake of moving on from him while putting himself in line to secure a lucrative long-term extension in Arizona.

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