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Derek Carr has suitors, but the options are clear

Free-agent quarterback Derek Carr can either hurry up or take his time on the market, but his options are clear in terms of opportunity.

What a time to be Derek Carr.

Carr, 31, has the floor to himself. He’s a free agent after being released last week by the Las Vegas Raiders. This allows him the freedom to sign with any NFL club. No other big-name quarterback will have that opportunity until free agency officially begins the new league year on March 15, giving Carr a chance to find the best spot without competition.


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However, while Carr has his moment, it’s also fleeting. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers could decide to demand a trade at any point. If he does, Carr immediately becomes Plan B for everyone needing a signal-caller.

Therefore, it would seem smart for Carr to make his rounds — as he has with visits to the New Orleans Saints and New York Jets — before quickly negotiating the best contract possible. However, that might not be the plan.

On NFL Network, former pro quarterback and Derek’s older brother, David, spoke about the process and what to expect. Via ESPN:

“He had a great trip, but it’s honestly going to be a long process, though. He really only has the Saints, the Raiders and the Jets to kind of compare those three places. So he wants to do his due diligence and see as many places as he can to get a feel for what the best place for him will be.”


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It’s understandable why Carr would play it out. He’s never been a free agent before, and outside of Rodgers, there aren’t any other quarterback expected to become available in the next few months worthy of more attention. A four-time Pro Bowler with 217 touchdown passes to his name, Carr is one of the best quarterbacks to hit free agency in recent years.

Still, if Carr waits too long and free agency begins, money starts to dry up quickly. Offers will not only come down, they will be harder to find. The time is now for the veteran to make his move and try to land on a team which will both pay him and provide a chance to win, something he’s never done in the postseason.

Carr is at the controls right now. Soon enough, that’ll change if he hesitates.

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