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Vic Fangio On Building Dolphins Defense Around Chubb & Phillips

New Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio says Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips must work hard to realize their potential. 

The 64-year-old has been coaching in the NFL for 37 years, mainly as an assistant. His first ever head coaching gig came with the Broncos in 2019. Vic Fangio lasted three years in Denver with a 19-30 record.

Denver is where Vic Fangio worked with Bradley Chubb, who was beset by injuries at the time. Fangio was most recently hired by the Eagles to consult with their offense ahead of the NFC Championship and Super Bowl.


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Chubb and fellow edge rusher Phillips could combine to great effect for Miami, although we haven’t seen it yet.

“So, I’m anxious to get him rolling, keep him healthy, and see the Bradley Chubb that we all know he’s capable of being,” Fangio said.

“They have great potential,” he added. “But potential, we got to see it. Talking about it is easy. Projecting it is easy. But we got to see it. And I’m confident knowing those two guys’ work ethic that they’ll do everything they can to put a good product out there on the field from the both of them. But they both have the tools. Both have the makeup to be really good players on the edges for us.”


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“I still have a lot of coaching left in me,” Fangio said. “It’s not like I’m thinking about retirement or anything. Somebody asked, ‘How much longer are you gonna do this?’ I don’t know. It might be 10 years, if they’ll have me here for 10 years. It’s just who I am, what I do, what I enjoy doing. I like the competition, I like teaching players. I like to see players improve as individuals. And putting something together is challenging and fulfilling.”

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