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Earl Thomas vents about situation with the Seattle Seahawks

The ongoing situation between the Seattle Seahawks and All-Pro safety Earl Thomas has become quite murky over the last few months.

In that process, Thomas has taken a strong stance with his contract situation by making it clear that he wants a new long-term extension to remain with or be traded. In a recent article that he wrote for the Players’ Tribune, the 29-year-old outlined that he had previously taken discounts that helped keep the “Legion of Boom” together and that the team has instead decided to dismantle almost entirely that secondary group, via ESPN.

“The last contract I signed with Seattle, I did it with the Legion of Boom in mind,” Thomas wrote. “I think our unit will be remembered as one of the greatest in history. And I wanted the team to be able to keep us together. But one by one, pretty much all of those guys have left — and a lot of the time, not on great terms.”

It hasn’t been just the secondary as the Seahawks saw the departure of many other key factors on defense this offseason with the likes of Michael Bennett, Sheldon Richardson, Richard Sherman, and Jeremy Lane. This includes Kam Chancellor, who decided to retire due to a neck injury.

Despite all that, Thomas, who is the final year of his four-year, $40 million deal, has continued to maintain his desire to stay with the Seahawks. The lack of talks toward a new deal has pushed him to voice that he would want to be traded so that he could find a long-term home elsewhere in the league such as the Dallas Cowboys.

What this further outlines is that Thomas is going to stick firmly to his stance with the hope that he can find a resolution to the situation in Seattle.

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