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Former Steelers star thinks Ben Roethlisberger’s era of dominance is over

The Pittsburgh Steelers fell just short of reaching the playoffs, which came due to their struggles offensively. That saw star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger miss almost the entire season due to an elbow injury.

Ben Roethlisberger has continued to progress in his recovery this offseason that has many ravings about Steelers’ outlook in 2020. However, his former teammate Ryan Clark believes there is too much talent in the AFC that will prevent the Steelers from competing for A Super Bowl. (H/T Steelers Wire)


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“Because he’s in a bad episode of Space Jam. They’ve got Monstars over there in the AFC. They’ve got a Monstar named Patrick Mahomes, and they have a Monstar named Lamar Jackson. And I don’t care if you bring on Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck. I don’t care which one you bring in there, sometimes the Monstars are gonna win. So, you can get the Space Jam elevens on, but that don’t mean that you’re gonna get to the Super Bowl. I think the Pittsburgh Steelers are gonna be really good… But it does not matter. When they’ve got dem two boys, playing in the AFC, we gonna be watching Ben the same place as we watch him in the Super Bowl because we’re just gonna go sit down together because he ain’t going back.”

There are several other teams out there that could present difficult challenges. Patrick Mahomes has developed into arguably the league’s best quarterback. Meanwhile, Lamar Jackson is coming off a historical season that was capped by earning the MVP award and guiding the Baltimore Ravens to the league’s best record.


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It’s not to discount Roethlisberger’s talent, but rather to point out that Jackson and Mahomes may be the hurdles prevent the Steelers from competing for the Super Bowl.

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