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New Orleans Saints have intriguing pieces for dynamic offense

After being without much firepower in 2021, the New Orleans Saints have a fun group for quarterback Jameis Winston to target this year.

No team struggled more to throw for yardage last season than the New Orleans Saints. Expect that to change.

In 2021, New Orleans was without star receiver Michael Thomas all year as he recovered from ankle surgery. Behind Thomas, the depth was non-existent. The Saints were led in receiving by Marquez Callaway with 698 yards, followed by Deonte Harty (570) and running back Alvin Kamara (439). Not ideal.


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This offseason, general manager Mickey Loomis has been aggressive in fixing the problem. In free agency, the Saints signed former LSU star Jarvis Landry to a one-year, $6 million deal. Landry comes in after spending four seasons apiece with the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns.

In the draft, it was an Ohio State stud for the Saints, with Chris Olave landing in Louisiana with the 11th-overall pick. Olave joins a now-healthy Thomas and the newly-acquired Landry. Next season they ought to form a terrific trio for quarterback Jameis Winston, who himself is coming back from injury.

This weekend, Olave talked about joining Thomas and Landry in the receivers room, two veterans with plenty to offer. Per ESPN:

“I can’t wait to learn from them, those two legends. I just started playing receiver my junior year of high school. Coming here and having Mike Thomas, Jarvis Landry help me, I have a lot of room for development, I can’t wait to max that out.

“I’ve watched a lot of film on Jarvis, just his short movement quickness. I watched a lot of film on him in college, trying to take some stuff out of his game. And Mike is one of the best receivers in the game, so of course I watch him. But to see them in person, see how they work in person I feel like it’s gonna help me a lot.”


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New Orleans is probably fighting for a wild card spot with the Buccaneers being clear favorites in the NFC South. Meanwhile there’s ample reason to see the Saints as a dangerous team come January. New Orleans has a quality defense with studs abound, including corner Marshon Lattimore, safety Tyrann Mathieu, edge rusher Cameron Jordan and linebacker Demario Davis.

And if Olave, Landry and Thomas can stay healthy and perform, New Orleans has ample hope for playing into the postseason.

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