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Jul 26, 2014; Nashville, TN, USA; during training camp at Saint Thomas Sports Park. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports
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NFL power rankings, Week 9: Titans stay atop AFC

The Tennessee Titans are still on top of our NFL power rankings for the AFC, but losing Derrick Henry could be a fatal blow.

16. Houston Texans

The Texans won their first game of the season and haven’t really been close to winning another. Long season the rest of the way.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars have not won a game in the United States since Week 1 of last year. Yikes.

14. Miami Dolphins

After winning 10 games last season, the Dolphins appeared to be a quality franchise on the rise. Not exactly.

13. New York Jets

Mike White stunned everyone by throwing for 405 yards and three touchdowns in an upset win over Cincinnati. Now, a Thursday night tilt with the Colts.

12. Denver Broncos

Even though they’re 4-4, the Broncos trading Von Miller tells you everything about what direction they’re going in.


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11. Indianapolis Colts

Carson Wentz gift-wrapped Sunday’s game to the Titans. Can’t have that. Now 3-5, the Colts must beat the Jets and Jaguars over the next two weeks.

10. Cleveland Browns

What is wrong with the Browns? Injuries and offensive ineptitude have the Browns at 4-4 and now facing a huge game against the inter-state rival Bengals.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers can’t score, but the defense remains one of the league’s best and Mike Tomlin knows how to scheme up victories. Keep an eye on Pittsburgh.

8. New England Patriots

Love the fight out of the Patriots, who finally beat a good team this season. At 4-4, they’re in the mix for a will card spot.

7. Cincinnati Bengals

You can’t lose to the Jets. New York played tough and all, but the Bengals will be mad about that defeat for a long time.


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6. Kansas City Chiefs

Ugly, ugly win. Now the Packers.

5. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers were once 4-1 but consecutive losses to the Ravens and Patriots have called into question just how good this team is.

4. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens come out of their bye week with a critical game against the Vikings. At the season’ midway point, it’s time for Baltimore to make its move.

3. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders are a full game ahead in the AFC West and come out of the bye to take on the Giants, who had to play the Chiefs on Monday night. Huge rest advantage.

2. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo needs to start getting consistently better outings from the offense. We know the defense is legit, but the offense goes in fits.

1. Tennessee Titans

The Titans deserve this spot at 6-2 and with wins over the Chiefs, Bills, Colts and Seahawks, but losing Derrick Henry might send them in a spiral.

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