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NFL Preseason Odds

Manning and the Broncos owned the spread.

Manning and the Broncos debut against the Niners.

Yes, we know they don’t count and yes, we know that the vast majority of these games will be played by scrubs who will either be on the bench or selling used cars by this time next month, but the NFL preseason is in full swing this week and on BetOnline, you can place your wagers on these games:

Thursday 8/8/13

Baltimore Ravens at Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Ravens are +3 -105 and Bucs are -3 -115 ATS. Ravens are +140 and Bucs -60 on the Moneyline. Over/Under is 35.5 with both -110. We have no idea why the Bucs are favored. It must be because they are at home. Of course, the Ravens have a lot of guys missing from the Super Bowl winning team of last year, and this is a battle of the bench warmers anyway, so why not? One thing we like is the under-110 because first preseason games are always ugly affairs. So let’s take the Ravens and the 3 points.

Washington Redskins at Tennessee Titans– One thing about this one is the ‘Skins Kirk Cousins will be trying to impress while starter Robert Griffin III is out with his leg injury. He may see more action than a normal starter would. The Redskins are +2.5  -110 and the Titans are -2.5 -110 ATS. Moneyline has the Redskins +125 and the Titans -145. Over/Under is 35.5 with both -110. Again we like the under -110 and again we may as well take the Redskins +2.5 -110.

St. Louis Rams at Cleveland Browns– The Rams are +4 -110 and the Browns are -4 -110 ATS. Moneyline is Rams +170 and Browns -195. Over/Under is 35.5. We have no idea why the Browns are such heavy favorites. This makes us want to go with the Rams +170 and again we will take the under -110.

Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons– Bengals are +3 -120 and Falcons are -3 +100 ATS. Moneyline is Bengals +130 and Falcons -150. Over/Under is 37 with both -110. This might be a good one to take the home team. Of course, this is just a hunch. We’ll take the Falcons -3 +100 and the under -110.

Denver Broncos at San Francisco 49ersThe Broncos are +3 -115 and the 49ers are -3 -105 ATS. Moneyline is Broncos +135 and Niners -155. Over/Under is 35. At least this game will be exciting fro the first half of the first quarter when Peyton Manning is going against Colin Kaepernick. This is a possible Super Bowl preview. We like the Broncos +3 -115 and the under -110.

Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers– Seahawks are -2.5 -110 and Chargers are +2.5 -110 ATS. Seahawks are -135 and Chargers are +115. Over/Under is 35.5 with both -110. OK, now we really are confused. Every other game was giving the visitors about a field goal, but not this one. The home Chargers are getting the points. So obviously we want the Chargers +2.5 and again we want the under -110.

We feel like if you consistently take the points and the under in the preseason, you should win more than you lose. You won’t win every game, and there is really no way to figure out which ones to figure out will go the other way so just bet them all this way and see if it works out for you. After Thursday, if it does, there are more games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to try it out too.


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