NFL QB Situation Making Little Sense; Romo Gets Paid

RomofailThe Baltimore Ravens signed quarterback Joe Flacco to a huge contract extension in the off-season. Okay, that makes sense. Flacco took them to a Super Bowl championship. But then the Dallas Cowboys give quarterback Tony Romo an even bigger extension. What? Tony Romo has exactly as many playoff wins in his career as Tim Tebow. And Tebow can’t get anyone to give him a shot?

Yet, quarterbacks such as Carson Palmer, Kevin Kolb and Matt Flynn fail time after time and keep getting new teams to give him the starting job. If you stink in Oakland, guess what…you will likely stink in Phoenix. If you stink in Phoenix, you will stink in Buffalo. If you get beat out by a rookie third round pick in Seattle, you likely aren’t god enough to start in Oakland. Yet, these teams still give these same old scrubs starting jobs expecting different results. Insanity.

How can Dallas watch Romo fall short in big games year after year and then pay him like he’s Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? Cowboys fans compare Romo to Danny White, not Roger Staubach or Troy Aikman. The Cowboys were better with White than with Romo if the truth be told. White had the Cowboys on the brink of a Super Bowl before Joe Montana burst upon the NFL scene when he threw a late touchdown pass to Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone to win the NFC Championship game in the 1981 season. The play has been forever known as “the Catch”. Romo has never sniffed a Super Bowl.

It is not that Romo stinks. He’s pretty good. But “pretty good” as the Cowboys quarterback is like being “pretty good” as the New York Yankees clean-up hitter or the Alabama Crimson Tide’s head coach. When you are the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, you are perhaps in the most glamorous, high profile position in the NFL. Pretty good just is not good enough. What makes owner Jerry Jones think paying him more money will make him better?

What Jones has done, is he has cemented Romo as the Cowboys starting quarterback for a long time. That has to worry any Dallas fan. Unless Romo undergoes a miraculous transformation, the Dallas fans probably have more critical turnovers at the biggest moments to look forward to. Romo has had chances to lead the Cowboys to the playoffs in the last two regular season finales against NFC East rivals, the New York Giants and Washington Redskins. Both times Dallas lost.

New York then went on to win the Super Bowl. The Redskins loss may have been even more cruel because they lost to a rookie quarterback on one good leg. For this, Romo gets paid?

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