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NFL Week 15 odds: 5 best bets on underdogs

NFL Week 15 begins with the New York Jets at the Baltimore Ravens. We take a look at the five best underdogs bets in NFL Week 15.

5. New York Jets (+15) at Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are going to win the game, but 15 points is a ton to cover. Yes, Baltimore’s been playing great football and the Jets recently lost to the one-win Cincinnati Bengals, but it’s still more than two touchdowns. Also, New York has one of the better run defenses in the game, and Sam Darnold has the ability to make some plays. On a Thursday night, the Ravens might not be at their best, and so while they will win, take the Jets to cover what is the biggest number of the week.

4. Chicago Bears (+4.5) at Green Bay Packers

The Packers should win this game going away, but recent struggles say that won’t be the case. Green Bay was favored by 13 points at home last weekend against the lowly Washington Redskins and slogged its way to a five-point win. This week, the Bears come in desperate to keep playoff hopes alive. The first meeting was a seven-point affair, but the Packers only managed 10 points. Green Bay likely hands Chicago a tough loss, but take the points.


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3. Washington Redskins (+4.5) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles needed overtime to beat the New York Giants. The same Giants who were leading 17-3 late in the third quarter. The same Giants who have now lost nine straight games. Philadelphia is clearly the better team, but it’s playing like a sad group. The Redskins are at home and have been a tough out in recent weeks. Dwayne Haskins needs to play much better, but he could against this porous Eagles’ secondary. Like the Redskins at home to cover in this spot.

2. Arizona Cardinals (+2.5) vs. Cleveland Browns

Has anybody seen the Browns this year? They were supposed to be the best team in the AFC North and then be a problem in the playoffs. Well, Cleveland will be watching another postseason without its team, as the Browns are 6-7 and simply trying to get to the .500 mark. Arizona hasn’t beaten a good team all year, but does Cleveland even qualify? The talent is there, yes, but the results have been anything but. Maybe the Browns win, but the Cardinals have a great chance to cover the meager spread at home.


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1. Miami Dolphins (+3.5) at New York Giants

Why are the Giants favored in this game? Miami isn’t good, but it has played much, much better over the past six weeks. New York is a dumpster fire. Look for the Dolphins to both cover and win outright.

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