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NFL Week 7 odds: 5 underdogs to bet this weekend

NFL Week 7 kicks off with the Broncos VS the Chiefs on Thursday Night Football. We take a look at five underdogs bets for NFL Week 7.

5. Washington Redskins (+10) vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Redskins stink, but they are at home and the 49ers have to come all the way across the country. Additionally, San Francisco is undefeated. This means it’s the Super Bowl for Washington, and an easy game to overlook fo the Niners. There’s no real reason to believe the 49ers are going to lose outright, but 10 points is a lot to be laying on the road, especially once you factor in the circumstances. Washington won’t win, but it should cover, even if it’s back-door.

4. Denver Broncos (+3) vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Why are the Broncos not favored? Well, because they shouldn’t be, but you would never know that by watching each of these teams the past two weeks. The Chiefs have lost twice at Arrowhead Stadium and now have to travel to a very tough place to play, on a short week, and without Eric Fisher, Sammy Watkins, Kendall Fuller and Chris Jones (among others). The Broncos haven’t beaten Kansas City since 2015. If they are ever going to do it, it’s this week.


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3. New York Jets (+9.5) vs. New England Patriots

The Patriots are the lone unbeaten team in the AFC, but they have played a schedule that reads like a comedy skit. Somehow, this is easily one of the two toughest games Bill Belichick and Co. have had to take on so far, and while the Jets aren’t going to beat New England, 9.5 points is plenty in primetime in another team’s building. New York should be able to keep the game reasonably close, and should the Patriots continue to bog down offensively, maybe the Jets even threaten with an upset bid.

2. Detroit Lions (+1.5) vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Lions are a really interesting team. On one hand, they are in last place of the brutal NFC North with a 2-2-1 record. On the other hand, Detroit has lost in the final 30 seconds to the Kansas City Chiefs, and then was completely and utterly robbed of a victory in Green Bay against the Packers on Monday night. If not for a few breaks, the Lions could be 5-0 and looking like a true contender in the NFC. Meanwhile, does anybody trust Kirk Cousins on the road against a solid team? Tall order.


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1. Miami Dolphins (+17) at Buffalo Bills

Short and sweet. The Dolphins are terrible. Absolutely horrible. Might lose every game this year. Still, 17 points for the offensively-challenged Bills is a ton. Even if the Dolphins only score 7-10 points, that means Buffalo has to score 24-27 to cover. Not buying it.

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