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Nick Foles: 5 teams that should be interested

Nick Foles is not going back to the Philadelphia Eagles. With Carson Wentz expected to be ready and healthy for OTAs and the Eagles needing cap space, Nick Foles will be wearing another uniform come March.

Foles, 30, has put himself in prime position to get paid this offseason. He’s in the middle of his career, he’s won a Super Bowl, he helped Philadelphia make another run to the playoffs and into the Divisional, round this year, and he’s hitting the right market. Going into the spring, there aren’t any terrific quarterbacks in the draft (at least that’s the thought) and, in addition, the free-agent crop is relatively weak.

So which teams are going to be going after Nick Foles? Here are five to keep an eye on.

5. Denver Broncos

Frankly, this is a long shot. Denver probably isn’t going to sign Foles because it already has Case Keenum, and releasing him would trigger a $10 million cap hit. The Broncos are much more likely to draft Drew Lock or another rookie who they can groom behind Keenum before starting them in 2020. That said, there aren’t a ton of teams looking for a quarterback to start, and so Denver belongs on the list.


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4. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals might decide to move on from Andy Dalton this season, especially with his old offensive coordinator, Jay Gruden, needing a quarterback in the nation’s capital. Cincinnati has tried to get somewhere with Dalton and failed repeatedly, making the playoffs five times only to lose in the Wild Card round each appearance. It’s not likely that Cincinnati makes such a bold move, but it’s within the realm of possibility.

3. Miami Dolphins

Now we get into the interesting teams. The Dolphins are likely going to cut Ryan Tannehill. While they are rebuilding, somebody has to play quarterback. Foles could serve as a nice bridge to the next quarterback or even prove to be the long-term answer. Miami would be foolish not to look down this avenue.

2. Washington Redskins

The Redskins aren’t going to see Alex Smith on the field in 2019. Washington has to figure out what the best plan of attack is, and while spending on another quarterback won’t be fun given their financial commitment to Smith, the Redskins have little choice. Doing this would buy them some time and give their fans hope for a decent year.


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1. Jacksonville Jaguars

This is simple. Jacksonville can’t go another season trotting Blake Bortles and Cody Kessler on the field. Foles would represent a huge upgrade and immediately make the Jaguars playoff contenders. Case closed.

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