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Chicago Bears’ Ryan Poles hits right note in presser

New Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles was aggressive in his Monday presser, rightfully being bold in his words.

Ryan Poles isn’t mincing words.

On Monday, the new Chicago Bears general manager talked to the media and discussed how he plans on building a winner in the Windy City. It began with a philosophy focusing on young players who will come to Chicago with cost-controlled deals. It ended with Poles making a proclamation, per


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“We’re gonna build through the draft, we’re gonna acquire young, fast and physical football players. We’re going to be selective in free agency, and we’re going to connect evaluation with valuation. We are gonna have a relentless approach to fix our weakness. We’re gonna maintain great self-awareness of who we are. We’re gonna solve problems with open communication and candor, and we’re gonna consistently put players in position to succeed.

“And the last thing, the most important piece is we’re gonna take the North and never give it back.”

Poles, who is taking over a third-place team without a proven head coach or quarterback, took a risk. If the Bears look terrible in the early going, the quote regarding the NFC North is going to be plastered across the internet in an effort to mock. It’ll annoy fans. It’ll be radio and TV fodder.


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However, Poles is smart to set a standard. He’s coming from the Kansas City Chiefs, who despite a shocking setback on Sunday, have hosted four straight AFC Championship Games and appeared in two Super Bowls, winning one, during that stretch. Poles has seen winning and understands it. This is about culture.

Of course, actually getting the Bears to that point won’t be as easy. Chicago hasn’t won the NFC North since 2018, when Mitchell Trubisky improbably led it to a 12-4 record before losing at Soldier Field against the Philadelphia Eagles in the famous Double Doink Game.

For Poles, the hard work begins immediately. Chicago doesn’t have a first-round pick, and the roster is rife with players who need to be churned out of the building. However, if the pairing of quarterback Justin Fields and head coach Matt Eberflus works, the change will be immediate both in perception and the standings.

On Monday, Poles ratcheted up the pressure on himself and everyone at Halas Hall with his statement. Rightfully so.

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