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Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll calls Russell Wilson drama ‘really old news’

After Super Bowl 55, the focus quickly shifted to a disgruntled Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, airing his frustrations.

Wilson’s public venting led to significant dialogue around possible trade chatter. Much of which centered on Pete Carroll’s uncapped control in Seattle, creating uneasiness to the entire situation.


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However, the chatter has since quieted, leading to the sense that Wilson is committed to the franchise at least through the 2021 season. With that in mind, Carroll recently voiced to The Rich Eisen Show that internal conflict was “old news.”

“It seems like really old news to talk about this because it’s been such a long time,” Carroll said. “The little bit he said carried so much air time that it became bigger than life. Throughout the whole process, Russell, we’ve always been connected. We’ve always been talking. We’ve never not been in communication, and we weren’t at all in this time either.

“A couple things that came out got magnified and the questions came out, and there was a couple things. He was frustrated when he was talking, just like any of us can sometimes emphasize something that’s on the top of our mind, and it can be played differently than it really played itself out.”


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Carroll wants to put the entire matter behind the franchise. It’s a matter that can certainly crop up again if the Seahawks remain on the same trajectory of following well short of Super Bowl contention.

Nonetheless, it’s a lingering uncurrent that will stay around Seattle, especially if Wilson’s contract situation doesn’t change.

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