Todd Gurley Has No Play Count Limits in Opener Versus Panthers

On Sunday, when the Los Angeles Rams play their season opener versus the Carolina Panthers, running back Todd Gurley will not have any playing time limits or restrictions.

Rams head coach Sean McVay answered with an emphatic ‘nope’ when asked. He’s determined that his star running back won’t have limits on the number of plays he will take part in.


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In the team’s effort to build the workload of Todd Gurley, he was put on a strict summer workout schedule. He took part in practice on alternating days. As well as that, was used in rotations that included his backups Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown.

Gurley did not play in any of the Rams preseason games. Nor did any of the other Rams’ starters and key backup or rotational players.

On Thursday, Todd Gurley said his left knee was fine but would only shrug when asked about how he felt during camp. Gurley said only Week 1 was on his mind at this time.


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McVay added that he was excited to see Gurley continue doing his thing and his running back looks good, feels good and everyone cannot what for Sunday’s first game.

Last season Gurley had 1,215 yards rushing and 21 touchdowns. His 21 TDs led the NFL. That was when he ran out of steam. Due to soreness and inflammation in his left knee Gurley sat out the final two regular season games and returned to rush for 115 with one touchdown against Dallas in the Rams divisional-round victory.

Versus New Orleans in the NFC Championship, Gurley touched the ball just five times and finished with 13 yards. In the Rams 13-3 Super Bowl LIII loss to New England, Gurley had 10 carries and 35 yards.

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