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Tom Brady refuses to say he’s better than 49ers legend Joe Montana

Throughout the latter portion of his career, star quarterback Tom Brady has often been compared to Hall of Famer Joe Montana.

That is a conversation that Brady has continued to avoid thrusting himself fully into over the years. However, that is a topic he once again had to address as he was pressed by legendary radio host Howard Stern on Wednesday morning to which he wouldn’t say he is better than Montana. (H/T Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk)

“I can’t say that,” Brady said. “I would never say that. That’s not how I think about myself. The only thing I care about is am I the best I can be? I’m the best I can be.”

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Brady wouldn’t go that route. Montana is near and dear to his heart, growing up a San Francisco 49ers fan with the Hall of Famer being his favorite player of all-time. That alone will always make that quite difficult for him ever to say he is better than his childhood sports hero.

However, Brady has undoubtedly made more than a strong case to hold that over Montana with six Super Bowl championships to the 49ers all-time great’s four. That alone is compelling enough for many to say that, but it’s at least something he acknowledged in that realm in the comparison.

Brady has never been one to discuss or boast about his legacy regarding other all-time greats. That’s something that won’t change and especially in regards to being held against Montana.

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