NHL Lockout Update

Another sport is scheduled to begin and of course we have another lockout.

First it was the NFL, the the NBA, then the NFL referees and now the NHL is locked out and we have no hockey.

It does not appear that the lockout will end any time soon though the NHL and the NHL Players Association are scheduled to meet on Tuesday.  A deal is not expected to be made to end the lockout unfortunately.  Instead they will be “working toward a deal.”

There are no signs they will actually discuss the issue that is at the heart of this problem, how to dived up $3.3 billion.

The NHL wanted players to take a cut from 57 percent to 49 percent.  The players say they are willing to take a cut but not such a large one.

Today is the first day that players will miss their first NHL paycheck so perhaps this will speed negotiations up.

If you are itching to bet on some hockey, and simply cannot wait for the lockout to end, many betting sites, including Bovada, allow you to bet on international hockey games.  This may interest some as many players have began playing hockey outside of the NHL.  Ilya Kovalchuk, Sergei Gonchar and Zdeno Chara are all playing Hockey overseas outside of the NHL.

If hockey abroad is not your thing, Bovada is also taking bets on NHL futures.  You can bet on who is going to win the eastern conference, western conference and who will take the Stanley Cup.

Some book keepers have began offering some unique bets like:

Will a player who played in the NHL last season lead the KHL in socring?

Yes 3/2

No 1/2

They are even taking bets as to whether or not the lock out will extend into late November with 4/7 odds of that happening.

With special props like those being offered it seems that even book keepers do not believe the NHL players will be on the ice any time soon.

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