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NHL Sunday Night Preview

With all the madness that comes along with March Madness (appropriately named) it is easy to forget that there is still a lot of great hockey being played.  Today is no exception as the NHL is offering up some interesting match ups that will definitely be worth watching and betting on.

Detroit Red Wings Versus Anaheim Ducks

The third and final meeting between the Detroit Red Wings and Anaheim Ducks should be a good one.  The series is split with each team winning in away game.  The Red Wings will need to defeat the Ducks in Anaheim to walk away with the series victory.  In fact, it was only a few short days ago that the Red Wings defeated the Ducks.  They snapped their home game win streak.  It was the Ducks first regulation loss since February.  The question is will the Red Wings do it again, or will the Ducks get a bit of vengeance tonight.

The Ducks are favored with a 1.5 point spread.  The money line to bet on the Red Wings is at +135.  The Ducks money line is at -155.

Philadelphia Flyers Versus Pittsburgh Penguins

First we all wondered who was going to beat the Blackhawks streak.  Now it is the Pittsburgh Penguins that are in the middle of an 11 game winning streak.  The Philadelphia Flyers will be gunning to rain on the Penguins parade by ending that win streak tonight.   The Penguins have the edge however as they have taking two of the three games that these two teams have face off against each other in this season.  This is the fourth and final meeting, so it is the last chance for the Flyers to knot up the series.  The Flyers also need this win in order to stay in contention for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Penguins are the favorites to win with a -1.5 point spread.  The Flyers money line is set at +170 compared to the Penguins money line which is -200.

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