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Ohio State Field Crasher Probably Regrets Crashing The Field

Last Saturday Ohio State won it’s second consecutive game in impression fashion since being upset by Virginia Tech in Week 2. A Buckeyes win is always big news in Columbus, but there was one fan in attendance who has become a bigger story than anything that happened in the 28-50 blowout of Cincinnati.

The student, who has since been identified as 21-year-old Anthony Wunder, charged the field at Ohio Stadium during the second quarter.

Generally speaking, running onto the field during a sporting even is far more risk than reward. The best case scenario is you have a brief viral moment on the internet before getting arrested. The worst case scenario is you get absolutely laid out by someone on the field before getting arrested.

When every scenario ends with getting arrested, just skip it.

Twitter: @BrianHofmann  Image via Brian Hofmann of the Columbus Dispatch

Twitter: @BrianHofmann
Image via Brian Hofmann of the Columbus Dispatch

For Wunder, it was the latter. He made his way into the center of the action with impressive gusto, but was quickly brought back to reality when strength and conditioning coach Anthony Schlegel, who body slammed the turf intruder with impressive ease.

[Click here to watch video of the incident]

There must be something in that flatlander water because this isn’t the first time a fan has met the business end of a much bigger man on an Ohio football field. Back in December 2005, notoriously scary Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison leveled a drunken Browns fan who made the same mistake in Cleveland.

[Click here to watch video of that incident]

Much like the Browns fan, who dealt with legal fallout from the incident for years, Wunder has already begun to feel the crushing weight of his own bad decision making. He has since been charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing, to which he has pled not guilty.

Even worse, on Wednesday the AP reported that the fourth-year engineering student was likely to lose his scholarship as well. “Defense attorney Mark Collins says officials on Tuesday started removing Wunder from the Evans Scholars program, which covers tuition and housing for former golf caddies.”

That’s just brutal.

Although say what you will about the value of “making an example” out of someone, but it’s hard to imagine Anthony Wunder will ever crash the field at a sporting event again. He may never even step foot on grass.

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