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Preseason Week 1 in Perspective

The next preseason games are not until Thursday, but Week 1 of the preseason has given us a lot to talk about.  Unfortunately, it is mostly questions that we await answers to.

The Jets Don’t Look Terrible

The New York Jets lost to the Detroit Lions, but they didn’t look like a terrible team while doing it.

Mark Sanchez got off to a rough start, but then bounced back to go 10 0f 13 on passing.  Geno Smith also played, going 6 of 7.  For those not so good with math, They completed 16 out of 20 of their passes. Those are not the best numbers, but they did not look any where as bad as this:

Their ground game never really came into being during this game as the jets only rushed 37 yards on 16 carries.  But again it still didn’t look this bad:

Also, given that both Sanchez and Smith played and are both listed as starting QB, we are no closer to knowing who will be starting come day one of the season.

The Ravens May still have a Chance

When the Baltimore Ravens let numerous talents, including Ed Reid, leave while simultaneously handing Joe Flacco a huge pay raise, many began to assume that the minimal chance of a repeat got even smaller.  Some even said that the Ravens would be lucky to even make the playoffs. Bovada put the odds of the Ravens going to the playoffs in their future odds with a -130 moneyline on no.

The Ravens defense, which took the biggest losses during the offseason, held up very well in their 44-16 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  They also recently gave Flacco some new targets in Dallas Clark and Brondon Stokely.  In other words, we should not count the Ravens out just yet.

CJ2K Again?

Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans has already stated that he has another 2,000 yards season in him and if Week 1 is any indication, then this could be the season he does it again.

The Titans revamped their O-line during the offseason and decided to show it off for a couple of plays in Week 1 against the Washington Redskins.  Johnson got two touches.  The first was a modest two yard run.  The second one, Johnson broke out for a 58 yard touch down.

Johnson finally has the offensive line talent to have another 2,000 yard season.  Perhaps this is his year.

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