Previewing the 3 Big Matches at UFC 157

UFC 157 is going to be historic.  Not only is it the first times the UFC has booked a fight between women, it is also the first time a women’s fight has main evented a UFC show.   In addition to that historic fight two other marquee matches will be featured on this pay-per-view event that are worth taking a look at.

Court McGee versus Josh Neer

This welterweight fight was bumped up to the main card after Chad Mendes versus Manny Gamburyan never came into fruition due to injuries.

Both Court McGee and Josh Neer are on two fight losing streaks.  One of these two fighters are going to come out of this fight with a bit more footing in the UFC.

McGee is an Ultimate Fighter Winner who started his UFC career with three wins, but has since fizzled out.  He is now trying his luck in the welterweight division.  His first welterweight fights is not going to be an easy one.

Neer is a tough all around fighter.  McGee is going to want to avoid going toe to toe with Neer to avoid getting knocked out.   McGee’s best chance at winning will be to use his strength advantage and got for big take downs through out the fight.

McGee is the favorite with a -300 money line.  Neer’s money line is at +230.

Lyoto Machida versus Dan Henderson

Both these fighters have Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones, in their sight.  But before they make a run at Jones they will have to collide with each other in a fight that will decide the number on contender for the Light Heavyweight Title.

Lyoto Machida will use his speed to avoid the big ham hawk punches of Dan Henderson.  This is going to be an ugly fight that will likely see both fighters try to win on their feet.  Henderson knows that Machida will counterstrike after missed punches.  Henderson will have to carefully pick his spots.  All it will take is one well placed punch to give Henderson the win, but that is easier said than done.

The money line has Machida as the favorite at -240.  To bet on Henderson the money line is at +190.

Ronda Rousey versus Liz Carmouche

Let’s be honest when discussing this fight.  I don’t not want to take anything away from the historical significance that has been discussed time and time again of this fight.  However, this fight has been booked to simply make Ronda Rousey a huge UFC star.  Dana White sees big dollar signs in Rousey.  This fight was booked to showcase her abilities.

Liz Carmouche only got this fight for the Women’s Bantamweight Title was because she was the highest ranking fighter willing to accept the fight.  In every one of her fights, Rousey has finished her opponents with an arm bar in less than 60 seconds with the exception of one fight as it took her a bit longer to lock in the submission hold.  I expect Rousey to remain consistent with her previous performances in this fight.

I am not telling you how to bet, but if I had the money pool to put up the -1000 money line I’d feel pretty comfortable placing it on Rousey.  Anything is possible, though, and Carmouche could pull out a massive upset.  The money line to bet on Carmouche is at +600.

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