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Prop Bets Released for Mayweather vs. McGregor

Odds have come down on the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather fight quite a bit. But still not enough for many people. So the sportsbooks have started released various proposition bets on the match. Mayweather is down to -550 and McGregor is +375.

While most of the wagers will come on the winner of the fight, you can also bet how many rounds it goes. The current over/under is 9.5 rounds or you can wager it goes the distance. Over 9.5 rounds returns +175 and those taking the under will be asked to lay -125. If you want to wager it goes the distance it’s +170. But you have to lay -250 if you think it doesn’t.

Another wager offered is the number of pay per view buys the fight has. Over 4.99 million is -140 and under is even money.

You can wager how many knockdowns there will be in the fight and also if it will take place on the date scheduled (Aug 26).

Among the most interesting wager is who will have the most Tweets in August. McGregor is a -160 favorite and Mayweather is +130. The over/under on the number of Tweets is 40.5. Both the over and under -115. Another is how many times McGregor will mention Mayweather’s domestic assault on Twitter before the fight. The total is 1.5.

Other bets offered include:

Will Conor McGregor do the Billionaire Strut during his walkout? Yes is -225 and No is +165.

Conor McGregor Punch Accuracy Percentage: Over/Under 15%.

Floyd Mayweather’s Punch Accuracy Percentage: Over/Under 35%.

Will Conor McGregor Fight MMA in 2017? Yes -105, No -125.

Will the two fighters touch gloves before the fight? Yes -225, No +165.

Will there be punches thrown at the weigh in? Yes +105, No -135.

Will the WBC award the Diamond Belt to the winner? Yes -300, No +210.

Will McGregor get knocked down during the fight? Yes -350, No +250.

Will Mayweather get knocked down during the fight? Yes +475, -800.

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