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QB Connor Brewer Leaves Texas; Undecided on New Team


Four-star quarterback Connor Brewer is back in the enviable position of being able to chose where he wants to play and go to school.

According to ESPN.com, the 6-foot-2 redshirt freshman announced he was leaving the University of Texas for unknown reasons and is now being courted by several interested major programs, including Alabama, Notre Dame, Stanford, Louisville, UCLA, Arizona, and Tennessee, who will try to get him to transfer.

“Coach [Mack] Brown was great,” Brewer said. “He understood the situation and basically said, ‘You’re free to go where you want.'”

Though he’s still unsure where he might go, Brewer said he has learned to take his time with decisions as big as the one facing him now.

“I learned to take my time and really be more tedious in researching everything. I’m going to take my time and not be stubborn about anything.”

Brewer said the biggest factor in his decision will be playing time. He wants to the opportunity to start as soon as he can and make an impact right away.

“To leave a great school like Texas, you’re going to do all your diligence and research,” Brewer said. “I want a chance to compete. I want to find a place that fits me.”

Although Brewer is certainly capable of winning a starting job at many schools – he was ranked as the No. 7 quarterback in the 2012 high school class – most of the schools on his current list already have solid starters and other highly-touted recruits. If he really wanted to compete, then he’s certainly got the right teams in mind. Stanford, for example, landed the top rated quarterback from the 2013 class.

Then again, when looking at Brewer’s resume, you understand why he is so confident. In his high school career, Brewer completed 441 passes on 686 attempts and threw 100 touchdowns to just 17 interceptions. He now owns the Arizona big-school record for TD tosses. And Brewer is a winner too, as he left the high school ranks with an overall 41-2 record as a starter.

We’ll have to wait and see where he ends up, but there’s no doubt that he will add some instant offensive firepower to whichever school he chooses. There’s no indication on which way he is leaning, but we know that one of those aforementioned schools will be even stronger in the coming years with Brewer on its roster.




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