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Quarterback Likely For Carolina Panthers, But Which One?

Ahead of Thursday’s NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers have settled on who to take with the number one pick.

“We’ll announce that Thursday at about 8 o’clock,” head coach Frank Reich told reporters Tuesday.

The Carolina Panthers have met with each of the top quarterback prospects in this year’s draft. Bryce Young out of Alabama is the most heavily rumored to be on his way to Carolina.

Last week, Young had kind words for the Carolina Panthers owner and coaching staff, further solidifying the speculation.


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“He (general manager Scott Fitterer) came into my office yesterday at some point, and asked the question,” Reich said. “It was kind of like a proposal of sorts. And I said yes (laughs). There is consensus, and we’re excited.

“There was ebbs and flows during the process. Reich said. “… I don’t want to say there’s any drastic change of mind, but there’s ebbs and flows of how much you like a guy. And that’s why you have to resist the temptation of making your mind up too early, right? 

“So I thought we as a scouting staff and coaches did a good job of not falling into that trap. Just take it for what it is. Take it day by day. Go on these visits, watch tape. Go through the process. Continue to evaluate and talk it through.”


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“I think we all had inclinations early on,” Reich said. “Again, not to totally repeat everything I just said, I just think the conviction built gradually. The conviction built gradually for us as coaches because scouts were ahead of us. The scouts were ahead of us — they had already done all their work. So as we dug in, our conviction started to build slowly but surely.”

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