Les Snead

Rams GM Les Snead Not Going To ‘Tear It Down’

Rams GM Les Snead says the organization aims to take a weight off coach Sean McVay ahead of next season.

With a 5-12 record, the Rams are the worst defending Super Bowl champions in history. In spite of that, Les Snead says they need to ‘remodel’ rather than rebuild.

Sean McVay did a U-turn on his future when he announced he would return after this offseason. Les Snead says the plan is now to ensure he doesn’t burn out.


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“I’ve often said to Sean, when he got the job at age 30, the guy’s been basically running a 800-meter sprint every week since he got our job, adding the head-coaching title, and probably had been running an 800-meter sprint as an offensive coordinator for the two previous seasons in Washington,” Snead said

“At some point, a hamstring is going to get tight, a hamstring is going to get pulled, and you’re not going to be able to do it, and (there are) just ways to probably delegate more, but somehow (to help) take his weekly rhythm and make it more sustainable.”


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“We would almost have to tear it down for it to be a rebuild,” Snead said, “because we do have a lot of really good players in their prime on this roster. So a lot of times it’s tough to say rebuilding with that type of roster, so you’d have to go through some type of tear down to truly rebuild, so that’s why I use the word remodel.”

Those good players like Kupp, Donald and Stafford all fell to injury. If they come back healthy, the Rams do have the core of a competitive team there. However, things will still need to be refreshed after such an ordeal last season. 

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