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Las Vegas Sports Books Review – Part 1

(This is part one in our series on Las Vegas Sports Books reviews. Click here to check out part 2!)


Ever since humans started trading sticks for stones, we’ve been placing bets on exciting sports events. From the rudimentary lotteries in Ancient China to the Romans playing with dice and “poker” chips, betting on sports has been around a long time. Maybe it’s the deep emotions. Maybe we just thrive on risk-taking as a species. It would seem that gambling is a part of our human nature. Las Vegas sports books take advantage of this, they fulfill a human need to take risks.

Even in today’s world of apps that update Vegas odds, there’s something natural about walking into an actual Las Vegas sports book, sitting down and watching the action unfold on a giant screen with an array of monitors updating the odds. While there are other places to do this in the United States, there’s nowhere better to walk into a sports book than Vegas – America’s version of the Roman Colosseum.

This 4-part series breaks down and recommends the best Las Vegas sports books around today. If you’re a sports bettor and making a trip to Las Vegas, this series will detail out everything Vegas has to offer. Enjoy!

Reviewing Las Vegas Sports Books

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is Las Vegas’s version of the windmill slam dunk. Host to some of the biggest events in sports, MGM Grand’s 5,300-square-foot sports book surrounds the main casino. Recline in a leather chair in front of one of 50 big screen TVs and take in the big game. Win big last night? Upgrade your party to a skybox, equipped with its own plasma TV, and watch the action from above. You stud.

The action includes horse race wagering, daily games from all over the world, futures, and prop bets.

The Mirage Race & Sports Book

The Mirage pretty much redefined Vegas back in the 1990s, with its rainforest, volcano, and white tigers. Smack in the middle of the strip, the Mirage Race & Sports Book was renovated in 2013 and is back as a MUST VISIT sports book destination in Vegas.

This Las Vegas sports book offers all of the typical wagers, including halftime lines, money lines, match-up props, and special one-time wagers on futures among other things.

If you win big, don’t forget to sacrifice a virgin to the volcano god.

Red Rock Race and Sports Book

Just take this in: 18-foot high, 96-foot long wall of television screens. Oh, that’s not enough for you? There are 213 individual monitors available for your greedy, sensory-overloaded eyes at this Las Vegas sports book.

Not just for racing aficionados, Red Rock Race and Sports Book is beautiful, up-to-date, and located just off the main casino floor. Of course, they take wagers on all major sporting events as well as futures bets.

We’re just getting warmed up here, folks. More reviews of Las Vegas sports books are on the way. In the meantime, with March Madness right around the corner, check out our favorite places in Las Vegas to watch the action!

(This is part one in our series on Las Vegas Sports Books reviews. Click here to check out part 2!)

By Chris Sharp, Certified 12-Time Veteran of Las Vegas March Madness and Sports Wagering

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