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Robert Griffin III Says Intern to Blame for Liking Insulting Redskins Post on Instagram

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Though it’s been declining for years, the bottom has officially dropped out for Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III in Washington. Last week, second-year coach Jay Gruden, who has made no secret of his feelings for the former Rookie of the Year, named Kirk Cousins the starter “for the entire 2015 season.”

Gruden went out of his way to avoid any ambiguity in the matter, once again needlessly disparaging Griffin with passive aggressive comments, which were masquerading as compliments directed at Cousins. With Gruden intentionally fostering this toxic cesspool, Griffin’s resentment is clearly growing.

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

RG3 may be biting his tongue (as much as he is capable) with the media, but on Monday a revealing like on Instagram left no doubt the feelings of bitterness and disappointment are mutual. But the post didn’t take aim at Gruden, but rather the franchise’s front office and its cartoonishly villainous owner Daniel Snyder, who has been Griffin’s biggest fan.

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Naturally, the whole thing blew up immediately—Griffin wasn’t wrong when he said his name is used as clickbait headlines. He took to Instagram to refute the latest headlines, saying he “just wanted to set the record straight.” The accompanying explanation:

rgiiiI: just wanted to set the record straight on this one. I did not “like” that IG post ridiculing our team. I have not been social media active consistently for awhile now and am ultra-focused on working to get back on the field and trying to help this team. One of our interns who helps with Instagram liked the post. As soon as I was made aware of it, it was immediately unliked. That is not how I feel and I appreciate your understanding.

Well that settles that. Blaming an unidentified pee-on is a tried and true method in deflecting negative attention.

But wait. RG3 has more than one personal intern? There’s no way an intern hired by the Redskins organization would take it upon his or her self to like such a blatantly critical post on behalf of Griffin.

Snyder is so thin-skinned that he bought up half the D.C. media and waged war on the other half. You think he’d let a college kid get away with this? No chance—dude will take a win anywhere he can get one.

That means Griffin is either lying his face off, which is bad, or he’s such an egomaniacal narcissist that he’s got a team of interns doing unnecessary busy work, likely for free, just to make him feel important, which is much worse.

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